Monday, 12 November 2012

Vintage Beauties

Where would fashion be these days without a little bit of vintage influence?

I love taking a look around charity shops to see what bargains I can find but wouldn't it be even better if you could find some vintage jewels in the comfort of your own home while you're sitting in your comfiest clothes with a cup of tea? That's where ASOS Marketplace comes in!

ASOS Marketplace (, @ASOSMarketplace) is where anyone can sell items they've made or pre-owned vintage fashion! I'm really loving the collection Yoke Vintage (@YokeVintage) are selling at the minute! Look at this Vintage Acid Wash Floral Dress that they are selling for only £23.99!

How amazing is that? And at such a good price as well!
You can find this dress as well as the rest of their collection here!
 I know once payday rolls around, I'll be getting myself a few things! What about you?

Another boutique I have found on my internet travels is The Ragged Priest and just a warning, once you see what they sell, you'll be wanting to spend, spend spend! They sell a wide range of vintage and customized items from jackets to belts that are still in great condition! Here are a couple of my favourite items!

The first is an Oversized Light Denim Western Style Shirt by John Banner which is a steal at £10 and the second is a Classic 70's Denim Orange Tab Jacket by Levis which is only £20!
You can find the rest of  The Ragged Priest's collection here!

See why I love ASOS Marketplace?

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